(Signed physical copy) I Could Be The President


(Signed physical copy) I Could Be The President


My name is Jamie and I am 28 years old. I grew up in a strict, conservative household so my life has been uneventful. That is, until I started touring full-time in 2009 with Madina Lake and Steel Train. Since then, I have been to 47 states and to over 15 different countries. I went from being a geeky kid people picked on in elementary school to living a nomadic, vagabond-ish lifestyle - tour managing, kicking kids off stages, and pushing gear in the pouring rain, all while staying with at least 6 other guys in a crowded van (or 15 in a tour bus). This book is about the last few years of my life and contain stories of my experiences and how I've grown up throughout and because of them. 

What people are saying:

"It's exactly like ‘Almost Famous' but without the sex, drugs, and rock n roll" 
-Allen Aceves (filmmaker)

"Why are you asking me to write a blurb for my son’s book when I dont have a son?"
-Jamie’s dad

“I’ve known Jamie for years and he is a great friend of mine but he should stick with his day job. Oh wait, he doesn’t have one...” 
-Nathan Leone (Madina Lake)

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