An Update

It feels good to finish something whether it's a project you've been working on for months or a few days. It gives me a sense of fulfillment every time I finish something even if it's an article titled "Top Ten Apps for Curling." 

This is mostly because:

1) I don’t like to half-ass anything.

2) I don’t like to abandon anything I start whether it's a book or a piece I am writing. 

But sometimes, it takes a while to even get started.

Why do we always find ways to distract ourselves when we really need to be working on something important?

Is it because that we are scared? Or are we just lazy? 

When it comes to other “important” things like going out and sleeping, we don’t miss a beat. 

I’ve been meaning to send something out to this mailing list for a while now but I keep putting it off. I keep telling myself to start writing then when Thursday night comes around, I’ll say to myself, “I’ll write something up next week.”

We are six weeks into the New Year and I’ve kept some of my resolutions (even though we aren’t supposed to call them resolutions). 

I’ve been going to the gym twice a week and I started walking 2-3 miles a day.

I was thinking the other day that before I gained my weight, I used to walk a lot. One of my favorite things to do was put on my headphones and go for a late night walk around the block. I stop doing that about two years ago and coincidentally, that was about the same time I started to put on the pounds. 

I know that isn’t the only contributing factor but that was a particular time in my life when I was sort active and happy. 


I’m almost 30 and feel like a bum/loser but don’t feel sorry for me. I am starting to change my lifestyle in order to not be a bum/loser. 

I’ll let you know how that goes later on.

I Ditched My iPhone 6 Plus

After a few months with the iPhone 6 Plus, I decided to go back to the regular iPhone 6.

What a luxury, I know, but it was time for me to send it back to the company anyways so it was pretty good timing.

 The 6 Plus is a great device, don't get me wrong, but I was just over it.

The large screen was nice but I just hated how I needed two hands to do any real typing on it. My thumbs were long enough to reach the top of the screen but every time I did that, I was scared I would drop the phone.

The thinness and design of the iPhone 6 Plus is beautiful but the curved edges made it very hard to hold on to. I never dropped the phone but came close a few times.

Typing in landscape was horrible. Some people praised it but not me. You would think the software engineers would expand the keyboard in landscape but nope, it's still the same old squishy keyboard. What's worse is that they added buttons to move the cursor and for cutting, copying, and pasting. Not sure why didn't they didn't take those out to make the keyboard larger like they did with the iPad.

 However, portrait typing was good because you could easily use two thumbs and the spacing was perfect. It took me a second to get used to typing on a smaller screen again on the iPhone 6.

 At first, I thought I would use it for reading but the backlight made it uncomfortable to read after a while. It was great for watching movies and general use though. The Retina HD display is one of the best out there. Colors are more noticeably vibrant and richer.

 I was very careful about what I put in my pocket with the phone but it did end up with a few light highline scratches on the screen. You can't see it when the screen is on and is barely there but if you have OCD, it will bother you to no end. I know all screens especially Gorilla Glass are prone to scratches but I never put my keys or change with it and also had a screen protector for the first two months.

 I can also report that it did not bend at all. Apple stated that only a handful of cases were reported but the media ran with the story. It just goes to show you that the media and the public focus on the negative side of things. 

 After a few days back on the iPhone 6, I don’t really miss anything about the 6 Plus except for the battery life. I could go a whole day without having to charge the 6 Plus before I went to bed and that's with heavy use. 




2014: Year in Review

New Job

I started tech blogging, something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Ever since I could remember, I was always intrigued in technology and I now get to play with new gadgets and apps. Along with that, I have been sustaining myself via freelance writing soccer articles. Not sure how long I can do this but it beats getting a real job.


The World Cup has come and gone and the LA Galaxy are MLS champs. On top of that, I got to go to most of LA’s home games, a champions league game at the Emirates, and my first away game at Rio Tinto Stadium in Salt Lake City.


The last three months has been packed, travel-wise. I got to visit London for a week and I went on a US/Canada tour. 

Changed As a Person

I went into 2014 telling myself to top caring about the little things and thinking so much about stuff that doesn’t matter. Did it work? I’d like to think so.

Stopped Checking Social Media 

I’ve talked about this before I wanted to stop checking social media as much because a lot of things were depressing me. People with lives/careers and families made me feel like I wasn’t doing anything with my life even though I was. I wanted to stop doing this for myself and to tell myself that I don’t need to check Facebook and Instagram ten times a day. I now on check Twitter for news and use Snapchat to post pictures because I like how it deletes them after 24 hours. I don’t have to worry about clogging my friends’ timelines with pictures. 

Read More Books

I’ve read more this year but I did it in spurts. I would read a few books a month then let a couple months go by without reading anything. 

2015 Goals


I didn’t exercise as much as I would like this year. Just like with my reading, I only worked out in spurts. There were times where I would run everyday and then I would stop for a while. I want to exercise regularly and run a few 5K marathons leading up to a half-marathon.

Eat Better

Enough said. I need to cut back on my sugar intake and carbs as well. 

Drink More Water 

I should be drinking at least 80 oz of water each day and I am only drinking half of that right now. 

Keep Freelance Writing

I want to earn more income from writing in 2015 so I plan on writing more and not slacking. I have a schedule all planned out so I just need to keep it. I also want to write more blog posts and keep my mailing list consistent. 

Publish My 2nd Book

This goes along with the previous goal. I had a book all written out and just needed to put it together but I scrapped it a few months ago because I wanted to add more to it but never did. I want to get this done by the summer. 

Travel Even More

I want to visit one country I haven’t been to before. The only time I am truly happy is when I am in a place other than home. Not to say I am not happy at home but I like visiting new places. I want to visit Alaska and/or Hawaii (the only two states that I haven’t been to yet).

Quick Tour Recap

Wow, it’s been over a month since I’ve been gone. It seems like yesterday that we were getting ready for the first show down in San Diego and I was meeting everyone for the first time.
Much has changed like:

-The rain storm that hit Southern California though I’ve been in freezing temperatures and snow for most of the tour
-The fire in Downtown Los Angeles
-The many changes to the Dodgers’s lineup
-LA Galaxy winning their fifth MLS Cup and third in four years
-Gas prices dropping over a dollar since I last filled my tank
I made a huge mistake leaving my boots at home and only bringing along my Nike running shoes even though my feet only got soaked in water once during the whole trip. I also only brought along a thin Arsenal jacket and my Patagonia rain jacket, which I immediately knew was not enough to keep me warm as soon as we left Southern California. I tried to tough it out for a few days but eventually bought a North Face jacket in Seattle, which saved my life. 
Canada was whatever because it is a whatever country. 
We played 12 cities in Canada, which is a record for me. It snowed for most of days we were up there and also gave me a huge scare after coming back into the States from Winnipeg. 

We made the drive directly after the show and got to the border a little after midnight. After we crossed, I went to sleep on the first bench. I’m not sure how long afterwards but I awoke to some yelling in the front and as I sat up, I noticed we were drifting off the road into the ditch in the middle. I started to panic, as I knew there weren’t anything we could do to stop the sliding. 
People always say “your life flashes before your eyes” when you are in near death situations but all I could remember was hoping the van wouldn’t flip over and roll because we would all be screwed. None of us four in the back were wearing seat belts so we would have been seriously injured and maybe killed. We kept sliding into the ditch until we stopped in the middle facing the wrong direction. None of us were injured but we were definitely shaken up. 
I often look back and think what could have happened if the van did roll. 
Would I still be here? 
Would I have broken an arm? 
Luckily, I don’t have to answer those questions even the “Why are my pants wet/smell?” one. 
The rest of the tour was a doozy. Nothing too exciting to talk about. Did some things like showed Chris around New York City and seeing the White House in person for the first time. 
We even got to be in places that were in the news recently like New York after the death of Eric Garner and staying right next to Ferguson in Saint Louis. This was a little surreal to me because we would try to keep up with the news while were on the road but it was difficult to keep track of everything that was going on. 

Though it was fun to go on tour again, I am not going to lie - this tour was a little stressful for me but it was a growing experience. I was a little rusty since I haven’t toured in about a year but it wasn’t really anything I couldn’t handle other than the cold. 

Would I go out again? 



Why not?

Who wouldn’t when I do nothing all day but stare at a screen and “write”.

Photo by Mike Tappero

Photo by Sebastien Parsons