Thoughts on the iPhone 6

It has been a month since the iPhone 6 came out and I'm still in awe of the thing.

I've had every iteration of the iPhone as well as a few Android phones and the Sidekick two and three. The iPhone 6 is by far the best phone I've ever used and it is just perfect.

Since there are an abundance of reviews out there already that more in depth than mine, I've decided to lists a few quick thoughts on this magical device. 

  • The sleep/wake button on the side took a few days getting used to but it wasn't a big deal. Now, I sometimes push the volume button on the side of my iPad thinking it's the sleep button.
  • The phone is nice and thin but I would have liked Apple to increase the battery life. The iPhone 6 lasts a bit longer than the 5s but not by that much.
  • And since it's so thin, I've dropped it once already and have had a few more close calls. The thing is like a bar of soap and its best if you put it in a case. I refused to do so though because I don't want to cover up its beauty (don't worry, I bought AppleCare+ just in case).
  • The screen is way more vibrant. Colors are deeper and brighter. 
  • Speakers are a bit louder than its predecessor. 
  • The cellular antenna is better. I'm getting 1-2 more bars than I previously did in some dead areas.
  • This is not a particular iPhone 6 feature but a T-Mobile one. The carrier now offers free SMS and data roaming to most countries worldwide and phone calls are $0.20/minute. Normally,  if I had to go out of the country, I would have gotten a pay as you go SIM card but on my last trip, I didn't have to do anything at all. They've said that they cap data speeds after a certain limit but I didn't notice much of a difference after a few days use. 

All in all, the 4.7 inch screen is exactly what I need since the 4" screen of the iPhone 5s is too small and the 5.5" iPhone 6 Plus is just way to big.

I think Apple got it right with this size and I believe this will be the norm from now on for them. 

Mini Vacation

Three weeks ago, I went to London for a few days with nothing but a backpack (and some underwear). It was a last minute trip that was conceived and concocted purely by impulse.


I just wanted to get away, even if it were only for a few days.

This was my fifth time visiting London but the first time where I was able to roam around the city for a few days on my own. Previous visits, I would arrive the day of the show, wake up, walk around for a little bit around the venue, load in, play the show, load out, and maybe get a drink somewhere close by if I weren’t tired by the end of the night. 

I never really had the chance to explore and take in the city other than last year where I spent about an hour in central London but that was the extent of my exploration. 

I was pretty happy traveling alone because I could do what I wanted and when I wanted. I didn’t have to schedule things around other people’s plans and vice versa.

I stayed about a quarter mile away from Emirates Stadium in Islington and during my time there, I woke up early in the morning and had a nice run around the stadium. After that, I went to Costa to have a cup of coffee and did some reading. Then, I would hop on the train and went wherever I felt like going. One day, it was Camden Town, the other it was central London because I wanted to visit Waterloo and watch a movie afterwards. 

I spent more money than I thought I would on the trip but it was worth every penny. The only bad thing was that I couldn’t spend more time there but I think five days was enough because I started to get antsy and wanted to go somewhere else. 

I didn’t carry very much with me other than the basic essentials. I thought I had under packed but I didn’t. I was pretty happy I was able to do that because it showed me I didn’t need a lot of things to survive away from home.

Since I’ve been home, I have been thinking about what I wanted to do next. I started writing freelance full time for a few months now and I have even branched off into tech writing, which I have wanted to do for a long time.

Even with these new opportunities, I still want to challenge myself so there are a few things I want to do in the next six months or so. It ranges from sub-letting an apartment in New York City for a month to renting a car and driving across the country. 

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Benjamin Franklin

Cruise Control

Long time no talk. I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to give you a quick update on what I've been since we've last convened. 
-The World Cup has come and gone. Congrats to Deutschland for winning their fifth World Cup. 
 -I've still been working on my second book tentatively titled "Sorry, I'm Not Sorry (Building a Better Me)." Hoping for a fall release? It is part self-help, self-discovery, and self-loathing.
-I'm also a year older. I hate birthdays. I hate it because I don't like the attention. I feel like I have a good group of friends that I hang out with and I don't need to spend a day or week asking for more attention like some people do.
Other than that, I've been on cruise control the last three months or so and not in a good way. I've fallen into a bland routine and it was bad. 
I read somewhere a while ago that “comfort is the killer of creativity” and in my case, it was 100% true.
My productivity dropped and my creativity was shot. 
I didn’t feel like do anything even though it felt like I was.
To combat that, I’ve decided to make a few lifestyle changes this past week. 
-After a few months off, I’ve started to run again and it feels good. Not only is it good for my body, it’s good for my mind and soul as well. Sometimes, I don’t even listen to music when I run. I just enjoy Mother Nature and her “tunes” (also the honking and the yelling from my neighbors).
-I meditate for 5-10 minutes in the morning or whenever I feel stressed out. Our minds are racing at 100 miles an hour every day with social media, emails, work, life, etc., that we forget to disconnect so our minds can take a break. 
-I started to take cold showers and not because it’s been scorching hot lately (though it does help). Cold showers are proven to increase mood and alertness because your body will respond to the cold and increase oxygen intake as well as speed up your heart rate. This will also improve blood circulation and help burn fat. 
It’s too early to tell if these things are truly working or not but I’d like to think so. Plus, it got me to write this email you are reading, right?
More on this later…